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沖繩潛點介紹: Travel Resources

Sakimotobu - The Beach of Gorilla Chop (Recommended)


The beach of Gorilla Chop is located in Motobu-Cho, Northern Okinawa.

The beach of Gorilla Chop has such a unique name, is related to a rock which shaped like a gorilla doing a chopping action.  In addition to the Gorilla Chop, it is also called "King Kong Chopping" or "Okinawa Gorilla Rock."

Swim out from this Gorilla Chop beach to the sea, and you can see all kinds of corals and marine life under the sea. The beach is 1-2 meters deep along the coast, and because of the surrounding landscape, the diving area is not very windy, making it very suitable for beginners to dive.

Onna Village - The Blue Cave


The Blue Cave is located near the Cape Maeda in Onna Village, mid-Okinawa. It is a natural cave bred by nature. The Blue Cave is connected to the sea, you can swim into the cave direct, and because the cave looks blue due to the reflection of light, it is called the "Blue Cave". It is one of the most famous attractions in Okinawa.
Inside the cave is an azure blue sea, presenting a dreamlike world. After entering from the entrance, you will see the vast cave and the azure natural swimming pool.

Outer Islands of Northern Okinawa - The Island of Sesoko (Boat diving)


Sesoko Island has the clearest beautiful waters and snow-white beaches in Okinawa, and it is also known as the best diving site in the East! Come here to participate in the experience diving, see the colourful coral reefs and the tropical fishes swimming in front of you as if you are in a dream world, I believe you will leave unforgettable memories.

Outer Island of Northern Okinawa - The Island of Minna  (Boat diving)


Come to the beautiful crescent-shaped island "The Island of Minna" near the main peninsula of Okinawa, also known as Croissant Island. With its blue sea and white sandy beaches, this is undoubtedly an excellent ocean paradise! Wandering in the warm and clear water, you will feel free and refreshed.

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